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"Among the stars in the Piedmontese city of Alessandria firmament"  - PCB Magazine -

In the 2015 January/February edition of PCB Magazine, an Italian monthly about printed circuit boards and the electronic industry, an interview to ALTER Elettronica's CEO has been published; it was part of a large article on the industrial sector in the province of Alessandria, in North-West Italy.


Here are some extracts:


“Thanks to a careful attention to the Research&Development activities, together with a rigorous technical assistance, Alter Elettronica has established its presence in more than 40 countries worldwide. Its markets range from CNC machine tools to the paper and packaging industries. In particular the company pays special attention to the revamping and retrofit segments.”


“It is also essential to combine technical know-how and managing skills. «All our partners are found nearby – says Canepa. We rely on firms specialized in the automatic assembly and testing and we have developed specific packaging to avoid product damages. And the suppliers we do business with are all located within 50 kilometers from us.”


“Overall, what comes out is that there is an ability to intervene in an extremely short time in case of malfunction. This kind of ability is always much appreciated when a production is based on the efficiency of a machine, and at the same time it represents a guarantee when compared to the always tough foreign competitors, who, on the opposite, have to to beware of this combination of quality and efficiency.”