Angular positioner 13/010

The function of the angular positioner 13/010 is to move a rotating object (a spindle, a rotary table, etc.) in one or more predetermined positions, generating an analogue speed reference (± 10V) to a servo drive which drives the electric motor.

Angular positioner


  • Positioner by-pass when not in use: the analog input AI1 is sent directly to the analog output AO1 to allow the CNC to control the motor speed.
  • Position transducers that can be used:
    • Incremental encoder TTL Line Driver with resolution from 100 to 10000 PPR.
    • Two-pole or multi-pole resolver (up to 255 polar pairs), powered by the module or by an external card.
  • Digital outputs to signal: positioning carried out, correct operation of the module and of the connected transducers.
  • Digital input for controlling: alarm reset, positioning enable, selection of 4 mechanical gears with related parameter sets stored, selection of up to 40 different positions stored in the module, spindle lock function.
  • The encoder or resolver can be mounted directly on the object to be positioned, or through a transmission ratio.
  • Line-driver output of the speed signal in Frequency / Direction format (used in servo drives for stepper motors).
  • Analog output ± 10V to send the speed reference to the drive that drives the motor.


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