BTD1 servo drive

BTD1 servo drive

The BTD1 servo drive is ideal for driving synchronous servomotors (brushless with permanent magnets), equipped with a speed transducer, with voltages up to 260V and maximum currents up to 50A.

The BTD1 has internal analog circuits with IGBT bridge, operation in the 4 quadrants, without zero play.

Settings are made with trimmer and test point; diagnostics via green and red LEDs.

Further information

Maximum output voltage: 260Vac
Maximum output current: from 6A to 50A


BTD1/DCD1 Instruction book EMC 01/98

English-language EMC installation manual valid for the BTD1 and DCD1 models

BTD1 Instruction book 01/2022

Instruction book in English language valid for the BTD1 model