Transducer converter

Transducer converter

This transducer converter module has been designed to meet the numerous requests of our customers to transform the signal of some position / speed transducers into a TTL encoder.

Keeping the same hardware we can modify the firmware of the transducer converter to adapt it to various transducer models, also on specific customer request; the models currently available are shown below.

The function of these modules is not limited only to the conversion of the transducers, but thanks to the various analog and digital I/O and to a performing microcontroller it is possible to realize fast readings of signals, verification of motors speed, mathematical operations.

Contact us for more information or to explain your need, we will be happy to analyze the problem and propose our solution.

Functions common to all models

  • All the commands are opto-isolated and operate at 24Vdc in positive logic and can be generated by: buttons, relay contacts, PLC outputs, etc. and come from one or more points.
  • The digital outputs are opto-isolated, operate at 24Vdc in positive logic and are electronically protected against overload and short circuit. The status of the commands and outputs is displayed with LEDs.
  • All settings are made with a PC connected to the USB port of the module using the software provided by ALTER, and stored internally in the module. The set parameters can be transferred to the PC for archiving and subsequently transferred to the module.
  • The alarms are stored in the module, can be viewed via the PC and reset via a special digital input, the alarm condition is signaled on a special digital output.

Available models