PSR3-000 Regenerative AC/DC unit

Regenerative AC/DC unit

The regenerative AC/DC unit PSR3-000 can be used to power the ALTER PWM3D servo drives and servo drives of other manufacturers compatible with the voltage and current characteristics of the unit output via DC BUS (at 650Vdc).

The braking of three-phase electric motors generates energy which is generally converted into heat (dissipated) on braking resistors. However this energy can be "re-energized" by the use of the regenerative AC/DC unit PSR3-000, so it is not wasted in heat.
The regenerative AC/DC unit PSR3-000 manages the energy exchange with the servo drives line or the servo drives system by means of DC Bus voltage control. Moreover, with an intelligent conversion system based on IGBT technology, it provides a power exchange with the line of only active power (cosФ near to one) keeping sinusoidal line currents.

Further information

Input voltage: 400 Vac three-phase ± 10%
Output voltage: adjustable from 600 Vdc to 650 Vdc
Maximum output current: from 45A to 180A


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