PWM3D-001 Digital servo drive

PWM3D-001 Digital servo drive

The PWM3D-001 digital servo drive is ideal for driving synchronous servomotors (permanent magnet brushless) and direct current of any brand, equipped with a speed transducer, with voltages up to 480V and maximum currents up to 200Arms, sinusoidal or trapezoidal.

Fully digital with IGBT bridge, operation in 4 quadrants, with no zero play.

The PWM3D-001 digital servo drive is easy to install thanks to a convenient LCD display with easily navigable menu; a software to be used on PC is available on request, with the possibility to display the parameters in graphic form (oscilloscope).

The "AutoTune" function allows the customer to speed up commissioning and better adapt the servo drive to the motor.


This servo drive is available in two versions:

  • PWM3D-001: it can be powered with three-phase voltage or with direct voltage supplied by a regulated DC-BUS.
  • PWM3D-011: it can be powered only with DC voltage supplied by a regulated DC-BUS.

When it is powered by DC-BUS, it is possible to recover the braking current in line by connecting it to the power supply ALTER PSR3.

Further information

Maximum output voltage: 480 Vac
Maximum output current: from 5A to 200A


PWM3D-0*1 Instruction book V7.*
PWM3D-0*1 Instruction book V7.*

Instruction book in English language for drive PWM3D-001 and PWM3D-011 with firmware V7.*