What do we do

What are these products for?

To adjust the speed of the following electric motors:
  • D.c. motors
  • Synchronous three-phase motors (brushless).
  • Asynchronous three-phase motors.
Laser cuttingMillingAntennaLathePrinting machineMulti headPackaging machineRobot

Where are they used?

  • Machine tools in general (lathes, milling machines, tool changers, turrets, rotary tables......).
  • Printing machines.
  • Packaging machines.
  • Positioning of antennas for spatial and satellite communication
  • Robotics.

Custom products

Thanks to our technical department we are able to design microprocessor controlled electronic boards according to your needs (mechanical dimensions, electrical dimensions, performances, costs). The service starts with a small change to the standard firmware of our products and comes to the study of new hardware. Contact us to let us know your needs.
Our products

Consult the page of our standard products to find the one best suited to your application.

Custom equipment

If you have any particular need we can evaluate it and propose our solution to solve your problem.