Braking resistors

How to choose the accessories for your Servo Drive

Having the right accessories to complete your servo drive is essential for its correct operation and to comply with regulations such as the Electromagnetic Compatibility standards. In this post we will talk about: Inductors (three-phase chokes, smoothing inductors) Resistors for motor braking energy dissipation Power-supply units capable to recover motor braking energy to mains EMC […]

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Three-phase chokes

Three-phase Chokes

These chokes, fitted to the three-phase mains, allow decoupling between converter and mains and therefore drastic cut down of spikes produced by thyristors firing.

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Inductors d.c.

D.c. inductors

These inductances are designed to be combined with single-phase or three-phase thyristor converters of the four-quadrant type without “dead zone”.

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