D SERIES servo drive

Digital servo drives for d.c. motors

In this article I present the family of digital servo drives for d.c. motors with SCR bridge called “D SERIES“. Why is it called with this name? Our loyal customers will surely have used our 12IRC, 12SPC, 6AXC and 6IC drives at least once: they were born in the ’80s and were grouped in the […]

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Family 3

How to choose a Servo Drive for your retrofit

After having examined, in the previous post, how to figure out what servomotor we are using, what kind of data we need and where to find them, we are now looking at how to use that information to choose the right servo drive. The essential parameters needed to choose a new servo drive are: Type […]

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Targa Motore

What servo motor do I have? The perfect retrofit starts here

When a customer asks us what drive he should choose to replace a damaged one, the first question we ask is always the same: what kind of motor does the converter control? The motor data needed are: Type (e.g. DC, brushless, induction) Electrical specifications (e.g. armature current, supply voltage) Type of speed transducer mounted (e.g. […]

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Servo drive range for electric motors d.c. and a.c.

What do we do

To adjust the speed of the following electric motors: D.c. motors Synchronous three-phase motors (brushless). Asynchronous three-phase motors.

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THE ALTERNATIVE IN MOTION CONTROL Alter offers high-performance, cost-effective and easy-to-use motion control products: servo drives, servo motors and accessories for machine tools, robotics, printing machines, packaging machines. Design and implementation of electronic equipment based on customer specifications. READ MORE Posts from our blog In evidence Why choose Alter Elettronica? Warranty News Digital servo drives […]

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