D SERIES servo drive

Digital servo drives for d.c. motors

In this article I present the family of digital servo drives for d.c. motors with SCR bridge called “D SERIES“.

Why is it called with this name?

Our loyal customers will surely have used our 12IRC, 12SPC, 6AXC and 6IC drives at least once: they were born in the ’80s and were grouped in the family called “C SERIES”. These servo drives were analogical, but considering the years in which they were born, they were very flexible in use and easy to set up: using a system of auxiliary boards it was possible to add special standard functions or on customer request, a “customization” removable card contained all the settings of the drive and allowed the quick replacement in case of failure with a new spare.

Returning to the present day, in 2017 the D SERIES is finally born: a family of digital servo drives for d.c. motors built following the latest technologies, great flexibility, configurable integrated auxiliary functions, programmable digital and analog I/O, a software to analyze the operation and display the parameters, a removable external memory that contains a copy of the drive parameters so as to speed up the replacement in case of failure.

The name “D SERIES” arises from the need to offer at our customers a product able to replace the C SERIES, making it even more flexible and reliable thanks to the completely digital control (hence the letter “D” in the name).

For those wont to use the C SERIES I tell you the correspondence between the two families: 12IRC and 12SPC are replaced by 12IRD, 6AXC replaced by 6AXD, 6IC replaced by 6ID, easy do not you think?

And the servo drive TTB what happened?

Yes, the 12IRD also replaces the TTB! But do not worry: in the 12IRD software you will also find all the auxiliary functions that were present in the TTB drive.

In addition, the outer case, the drilling template, the power connections and the current sizes have remained the same, so you can use the 12IRD to replace a TTB without worry.

What does the D SERIES offer more?

The possibility of optimizing the calibration of the motor response to best suit your application: all the adjustment rings are accessible for modification by the integrated keypad or by the PC. On the latter there is also the possibility to display the parameters in graphical form (oscilloscope), to save the screenshots (screenshot), to download / upload the copy of the parameters, to connect in remote assistance with our assistance service for advice on calibration or simply to learn how to operate.

The parameters are stored internally in the servo drive and externally in a removable memory: in case of replacement of the drive it is not necessary to re-calibrate it but simply remove the memory from the old one and plug it into the new one, supply the auxiliary services and your machine can start immediately!

Analog I/O can be amplified by adjusting a gain, inverted sign, adjust offset and internally connected to the various function blocks.

Digital I/O can be inverted in logic status and connected internally to the various function blocks.

The speed feedback can be provided by a TTL encoder as well as by the armature voltage or the d.c. tacho-generator (as was already possible for TTB and C SERIES).

Motor temperature can be controlled with a suitable analogue input using one of the following temperature probes: thermal contact, PTC, NTC (10K) or KTY84.

Among the various internal functions there is also the anti-backlash: using two drives and two motors it is possible to compensate for the play of a mechanical transmission.

With critical motors, it is possible to separately adjust the maximum current during braking and acceleration, as well as insert a variable current limit according to the speed.

The internal function blocks allow the customer to adapt the servo drive to his application; furthermore, upon request we can also make special functional blocks for particular applications.

An advanced diagnosis of alarms or signals thanks to the integrated display and detailed writing.

Find all the information on digital servo drives for DC motors 12IRD, 6ID and 6AXD on this page (Click here).

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