D SERIES servo drive

Digital servo drives for d.c. motors

In this article I present the family of digital servo drives for d.c. motors with SCR bridge called “D SERIES“. Why is it called with this name? Our loyal customers will surely have used our 12IRC, 12SPC, 6AXC and 6IC drives at least once: they were born in the ’80s and were grouped in the […]

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Fanuc Pulsecoder

Conversion of a Fanuc Pulsecoder into a TTL encoder

How can we drive an electric motor equipped with a Fanuc Pulsecoder? Let’s go back in time For decades the d.c. tacho-generator was used as a speed transducer for electric motors; all the control equipment had an input for this type of transducer and there were no compatibility problems. Then the resolvers and TTL encoders […]

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