Why choose Alter Elettronica?

Because we give you the following services:

  • Direct contact with those who designed and built the product.
  • The ability to modify the product according to your requests.
  • Repair in one working day of our current and obsolete products.
  • Advice to optimize your application.
  • The 30-month product warranty.

A simple example

To better clarify the concept I suggest you this example: would you rather buy a dress in a clothing store or buy it in a tailor shop, if the price were the same? In the first case try the dress and hope that it is good at all points because the dress is the one and in the shop nobody is able to change it. In the second case if the dress is not perfect, if you prefer narrower neck or wider sleeves, you can talk to the tailor who can make the required changes because he knows exactly what to do and where to intervene, as the dress did him .

If after a few years your shirt starts to have a cuff to replace, what do you do? In the first case you can just throw away your beautiful shirt because it is not possible to repair it. Instead, in the second case you can return to the tailor (always the same) and only have the cuff replaced.

Also in the field of motor control this happens!

Fortunately, there is ALTER!

Many of our customers have tried to contact the technical assistance of large multinational companies to request the repair of their old drives, but have received the answer: “We can not repair them because they are too old, we do not have a compatible model, you have to replace motors + drives + CNC!“.

These desperate customers, they called us to expose their problem and we gave them the right servo drive that can drive their electric motor and interface with their CNC.

Result: a great saving of money and time!

So all our customers tell us: “Fortunately, there is you the ALTER!“.

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